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Tax season is always a stressful and fast-paced time of the year; are you sure you have all the right tools to make it a breeze?

When it comes to filing your 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use tax form, why not use a fast and easy solution to help leave tax season behind you?

Silver Maple Tax is dedicated to help you filing your Form 2290 as quickly as possible in a digital/paper-free way.

You can expect to receive your stamped Schedule 1 by email within 15 minutes. After this, you'll be one step closer to leaving your busy tax season behind you!

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You might benefit from Silver Maple Tax's services but not know it yet.

We view it as our responsibility to provide you accurate information about what we do and how we can help you file your 2290 file.

  • What is Form 2290?

    2290 is also known as the Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return. It is a tax return form, issued by the IRS for certain types of companies, namely those that use heavy vehicles on highways.

  • Many types of companies need to file. These companies include, but are not excluded by owner-operator truckers, small trucking fleets, family farms, excavation, and construction companies. However, you don't need to own such a business to file these taxes; tax professionals and accountants can file on their client's behalf.

    Who has to file Form 2290?

  • Why do we have a heavy vehicle use tax?

    Heavy vehicles are more damaging to our roads and bridges than small vehicles, increasing infrastructure costs. For this reason, a tax is levied on the companies which use heavy vehicles to help fund these infrastructure projects.

  • Silver Maple Tax is an IRS-approved internet-based service dedicated to helping companies who pay a heavy vehicle use tax. We will help you file electronically – or e-file – and receive your stamped Schedule 1 by email within minutes . Even if transportation is not your core business, we can help you out.

    What is Silver Maple Tax?

  • How can Silver Maple Tax help me?

    Our step-by-step process for e-filing is so easy to follow you'll be finished before even breaking a sweat. And if you have troubles, our live support staff will guide you through the process.

    You can file your Form 2290 from anywhere in the world, in a paper-free manner. We use state-of-the-art data security tools that will allow you to protect your data while filing, meaning that you can file with piece of mind.

  • Use this easy three-step process to e-filing your Form 2290:

    1. Click the button saying “Get Started” to get taken to a registration form. Enter basic tax information about your business. Review and submit.

    2. Access your customized user platform and begin e-filing. We handle all of the complex work in the background.

    3. Submit your 2290 Form, and you'll receive your stamped Schedule 1 form through email.

    What's the process to filing Form 2290 through Silver Maple Tax?